Gotransverse And Awarex To Improve Integrated Billing And Customer Experience
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Gotransverse And Awarex To Improve Integrated Billing And Customer Experience

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Providers of best-in-class order-to-cash and customer engagement solutions collaborate to create additional monetization value through an enhanced omnichannel customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: Customer interaction benefits buyers and suppliers by raising closing rates while remaining consistent with current B2B customer expectations. Engage customers throughout their purchase journey to foster loyalty and amass valuable customer data. Gotransverse and AwareX form partnerships to deliver industry-leading cloud-based billing and increased customer interaction solutions for the customer experience. When paired with the Gotransverse Intelligent Billing Solution, AwareXs Customer Engagement Suite will provide new methods to engage clients while preventing revenue leakage and increasing customer uptake.

“We are delighted to announce our Partnership with Gotransverse,”  states Chris Burton, Chief Operating Officer of AwareX. “Together, we truly advance the ability of Service Providers and Enterprises to quickly transform the customer experience using modern, cloud-based architectures and comply with industry-leading standards such as the TM Forum.”

The AwareX Customer Engagement Suite provides a flexible customer experience interface that enables service providers to give their customers a consistent, tailored, and deliberate digital experience. By integrating tightly with Gotransverse, service providers can easily incorporate billing into their client engagement. Gotransverse-managed service packages and pricing strategies can be integrated into the AwareX interface to present clients with new offerings and enable self-management as part of the customer journey.

TM Forum recently recognized Gotransverse with a Catalyst Team Award for its role in establishing a prototype 5G B2B2X marketplace. The collaboration with Salesforce, Verizon, M1 Limited, MATRIXX, and Mirakl was recognized by TM Forum as the Best Ecosystem Design.

Both Gotransverse and the AwareX Customer Engagement Suite are cloud-native architectures built on microservices that are secure, scalable, and simple to adopt. Both solutions utilize TM Forum-compliant APIs and customer journeys, simplifying setup and management. In a matter of days, new offers and digital experiences may be built and implemented to complement any web, mobile, or social platform. Combining Gotransverse and AwareX enables faster growth, customer acquisition, and increased customer loyalty.

"This alliance will allow companies across industries to use billing to engage their customers in ways that will drive adoption and increase 'stickiness," comments Jim Messer, founder, and CEO of Gotransverse. "This is increasingly important because companies are looking for ways to promote their brand across multiple channels, including mobile and social. With AwareX we will make it easy to present offers across all platforms. The combination is ideal for leveraging billing as a competitive advantage."