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goTransverse Beefs-up its TRACT Platform for Better Revenue Automation

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: goTransverse, a provider of subscription management solution, announces new features for its could-based billing and revenue automation platform that includes integration with Salesforce bolstering real-time analysis of shared billing data.

The company’s cloud based billing platform, TRACT, now allows users to download invoices generated directly from within Salesforce. It provides visibility into billing account hierarchies and relationships for better understanding of usage charges. Customers can renew and terminate TRACT billing services directly from Salesforce.

The latest TRACT update hosts more options for scheduling charges and enhanced support for minimum commitment charges. Enhanced API support facilitates users to define, query, and manage true-up agreement definitions automatically without the need of ‘swivel-chair’ data entry.

The other features in the latest release such as usability enhancements, invoice template improvements and additional API query options empower users to have a greater visibility into allocation pooling management.

“Customer service is transforming into a more proactive model. By enabling customer relationship management solutions with robust access to real-time billing data, business leaders can get in front of potential issues and generate an exceptional customer experience right from the start,” says James Messer, Founder and CEO, goTransverse. “It’s not simply about selling a product anymore. Successful businesses are focusing on using customer data to better manage services, generate new revenue streams and be more efficient. We are helping them do that.”