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GoVanguard in a Joint Venture with Zenoss Delivers Unified Monitoring Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Mahdi Hedhli, Founder and CEO, GoVanguard

Mahdi Hedhli, Founder and CEO, GoVanguard

FREMONT, CA: GoVanguard, a company offering devops, networking and cloud based solutions has merged with unified monitoring solutions provider, Zenoss aiming to facilitate scalable, extensible and reliable monitoring and analytics.

“I have been working with Zenoss for almost ten years now and several of our team members have been also working with the platform for three to five years. So, in my mind the choice to become official Zenoss Inc. partners was the next logical step in our progression,” states Shane Scott, Chief Technology Officer, GoVanguard.

The partnership with Zenoss supports GoVanguard’s objective to offer monitoring solutions that suits business specific needs of their customers. The company firmly believes that Zenoss Service Dynamics will effectively help in creating greater positive customer experiences. The firm also wants to spread awareness of the open source project and inspire the next generation of Zenoss community members. This practice will help the members to collaborate, innovate and generate content that will benefit the upstream codebase. Associating Zenoss in the GoVanguard technology partner ecosystem marks the progress of their core operations.

Organizations across the globe are trying to develop their IT strategies to offer seamless availability of services, while becoming more dependent on virtualization and cloud technologies. With a unique set of capabilities that directly tackles the challenges involved in modern IT, Zenoss always aspires to help the organizations.

GoVanguard offers a complete range of Hardware, IT Services, Software and Cloud Solutions to satisfy unique business needs by leveraging on their innovation, experience and the quality of service.

“We are really excited to be officially working with Zenoss Inc. and deliver high fidelity monitoring for dynamic, hybrid and cloud environments,” says Shane.