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Graphenea, NanoXplore Inc., and Many More to Participate in Graphene World Summit 2016

By CIOReview | Friday, August 5, 2016

AKRON, OH: Smithers Apex, a company of The Smithers Group, announces that NanoXplore, Graphenea, Graphene 3D Labs, GrollTex, Haydale, Raith America Inc., and more will be present at the Graphene World Summit. Taking place September 19-20, 2016 in San Diego, California, the conference will bring together the scientific, commercial and investment communities in order to forge new partnerships and exchange ideas in pursuit of the successful development and commercialization of graphene.

“The Graphene World Summit 2016 will bring together a truly global network of raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, producers, end-users, theoretical and applied researchers and investment experts to explore commercialization, standardization and innovation,” said DeAna Morgan, Conference Producer for Smithers Apex.

The Graphene World Summit will give attendees insight into the latest applications and investment strategies that can be used to further drive broader use and commercialization success stories. The event will features keynotes from Dr. Soroush Nazarpour, Group NanoXplore Inc., Dr. Alexander Balandin, University of California-Riverside, and Dr. Claudia Keibler, Franhaufer. As a leading expert, Dr. Nazarpour will provide insights on a systemic approach to developing new applications during the presentation. Balandin, an expert in the thermal materials, will highlight the thermal properties and applications for graphene. The last keynote by Dr. Keibler, will explore the relationship between graphene and OLEDs.

“The initial response from the market to this event–including strong support from industry leaders like Graphene 3D Labs; Haydale; SABIC; University of California–Riverside; and Graphene-Info–has us very excited for the face-to-face conversations on graphene that will take place in San Diego,” Morgan continued. “The potential of this exciting material is great; if you’re weighing your role in its future, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the cross-industry networking and learning opportunities that this conference will generate.”