Green Hills Software Releases MULTI 7 IDE for Linux

By CIOReview | Monday, October 5, 2015

SANTA BARBARA, CA: Green Hills Software, software vendor for the Internet of Things (IoT), has released its MULTI Integrated Development Environment for Linux.

The new release enables Green Hills Software to evolve its software development suite with features intended to increase developer productivity and speed time-to-market. It finds and fixes bugs faster, makes sense of complex systems, boosts productivity, maximizes performance, provides benefit from an expert, low-down the production cost and offers functional safety confidence.

“Other Linux debuggers are nothing more than graphical front ends to the GNU debugger. MULTI stands apart in providing a debugger back end that is not based on gdb, allowing us to engineer many of the innovations we see in MULTI 7 for Linux,” says Nathan Field, Director of MULYI engineering for Green Hills Software.

Prominent features of MULTI Integrated Development Environment for Linux includes wide-ranging Linux debugging capabilities, which means it can now debug everything from loadable Kernel modules to multiple applications with hundreds of threads, all within the same debugger; Increased Linux intelligence because it understands the complex internals of the Linux kernel and eradicates the dreary steps to shape the debug environment and it also mechanizes prior distractions; Seamless multicore debugging with enhanced automation and ease of configuration, which enables developers to approach multicore debugging in much the same way they approach single-core debugging. It supports C and C++ code designed from the Green Hills Compiler and debugging devices using x86, ARM and Power processors.

Moreover, it is the first available IDE to meet the standards of functional safety that consists IEC 61508:2010 (Industrial), EN 50128:2011 (Railway) and ISO 26262:2011 (Automotive).  It also satisfies both SIL 4 (Safety Integrity Level) and ASIL D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level) and has got certification from TUV NORD and exida.