Greensmith's GEMS Now Enable Storage Partners to Participate in Wholesale Electricity Markets
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Greensmith's GEMS Now Enable Storage Partners to Participate in Wholesale Electricity Markets

By CIOReview | Monday, September 28, 2015

RESTON, VA: Greensmith, a developer of software and control solutions  that operates and manages Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS) has added a new feature in its storage software platform ‘GEMS’ to enable owners and operators aggregate multiple distributed energy storage systems.

Greensmith offers grid-scale, secure, scalable and cloud-controlled energy storage software for utility-scale deployments. It started as software developer, combining multiple battery types and power conversion systems with firmware and software to maximize performance and safety. Using data-rich fleet control, Greensmith provide maximized health and performance of alternative battery technologies, programmed systems with configurable algorithms and aggregated multiple distributed systems that can be integrated into existing grid infrastructure. In addition, the current Greensmith architecture is capable of advanced data processing and analytics, providing customizable energy solutions for customers.

Greensmith’s fourth generation intelligent energy storage control and analytics software can integrate 10 different battery types and 6 different inverters in multiple combinations, facilitating great flexibility for partners to choose the optimal battery combination for their projects. The key features of GEMS include component optimization, programmable CPU, grid asset integration, multiple integrated applications, fleet control and web-based user portal. It supports protocols such as DNP3, HTTPS and Open-ADR.

The Greensmith GEMS IV platform consists Battery Management System (BMS) which monitors, balances and protects battery cells; Power Management to control power input and output on demand and Energy Management System which supports DESS applications such as peak shaving, renewable integration and load following.

Now the new functionality introduced in GEMS platform will allow owners and operators of multiple distributed energy storage systems to assemble systems into a single energy storage resource as well as provide a control layer for managing these aggregated front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter energy storage systems.

"Our software's new energy storage aggregation functionality now enables our partners and customers to participate in a broader set of value streams across an integrated network,” says John Jung, CEO of Greensmith.

Owners and operators can integrate systems into utility or International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - a non-governmental organization, providing common standards to certify products and services that are safe, reliable and of good quality.

By integrating into ISO market communications systems partners can use these systems to participate in resource adequacy, frequency response and other wholesale energy markets, increasing the revenues generated by their energy storage systems and improving system return on investment.

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