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Grow Your Business with Cold Email Marketing

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 12, 2018

One of the most popular marketing methods since ages has been direct mail and cold calling for acquiring new customers. Cold calling is time-consuming and most often impossible to get clients on the phone; direct mail, on the other hand, is more effective as business executive check mails regularly, hence, chances of them reading mails are much higher.

Thousands of emails can be sent in minutes to generate great demand for one’s product or service. A benefit of email is that it ensures one’s prospect to get back on time.

The Basics of Cold Email Marketing

Find prospects: It’ essential to find the right prospect when it comes to sending emails. One has to figure out who to target before launching a campaign. One needs to ask questions like: Who will be using the products? Industries they are in? Role of the decision maker? Who is interested in the product?

Know the sales formula: Attention, interest, desire, action, in short AIDA, hence, before one sends a cold email to a business executive one has few seconds to grab attention. One has to make the most of with the very first email to get an executive interested in one’s product or service.

It’s essential to understand an average customer’s lifetime value. This approach will determine the email marketing strategy and the amount of time taken to send mails.

Know your customer: Understanding one's customer thoroughly gives one a much higher chance of getting a response. Researching about the prospective customer will help one better.

Engaging Subject Lines: It’s essential to craft engaging and catchy subject lines. If a prospect doesn’t open a mail, one cannot sell him anything. Hence, it’s essential to come with a subject line that will compel the business executive to open it and have a look at it.

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