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Grow Your Business With These 5 Data Trends in 2018

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 9, 2018

To nail the marketing plans in 2018, it is of utmost importance to understand the data trends. With the rapid changes in the data analytics sector, business owners who monitor these changes, are best prepared to use their knowledge to their advantage. There are some specific data trends that are needed to be followed.

Firstly the Real-Time data that is expected to flourish in 2018 as today’s business owners want to make adjustments in their business processes with the current data to satisfy their customers. A business owner who wants to be the first to discover real-time data analytics tools will definitely pay close attention to any startup launches. Then comes the artificial intelligence which is expected to will be associated closely to data analytics in the coming years. Companies have already started integrating AI technology into many data analysis platform. With business owners demanding top tools to maximize their return on investment through marketing, AI enabled analytics are expected to become an inevitable tool for business owners who focus on growth. Thirdly, with the implementation of AI and ML predictive analysis is supposed to become popular. With predictive analysis, brands will be able to understand patterns in the way of their business process including pattern analysis and decision making. Thereafter Data visualization too will help business owners understand fine details of their data. Last but not the least Blockchain is going to be a hot cake among the marketers. Consumers are expected to increasingly look for transparency from the brands they trust and this will push for transparency.

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