GSI Health's Platform picked by Collaborative Family and Children for Community-Based Care Programs
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GSI Health's Platform picked by Collaborative Family and Children for Community-Based Care Programs

By CIOReview | Friday, March 25, 2016

FREMONT CA: In an announcement made, Collaborative Family and Children (CCF) selects GSIHealthCoordinator care coordination and population health platform as its technology solution. Many diverse care organizations get benefitted by GSIHealthCoordinator platform as it configures specifically for each program.

Wide range of care coordination apps, population health analytics, and reporting for CCF's population health initiatives including the state-led Children's Health Home, Medicaid Redesign Team Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (MRT DSRIP) and Medicaid Health Home programs are provided by GSIHealthCoordinator platform. "Our challenge is to reduce healthcare costs while improving outcomes for children, many of whom are at risk. GSI Health enables us to see beyond just medical data to the social and behavioral issues that affect this population—giving us insights that will allow us to proactively manage their needs," said Jodi Saitowitz, Interim Director of CCF.

Through integrated care teams spanning the care field, GSI Health experiences in care coordination and population health management solutions and provides patient care plan development, team collaboration, real time alerts and analytics. "Our tight coupling of care coordination with analytics creates a seamless approach to population health management that helps our clients navigate the challenges of care management while dealing with the fast-changing regulatory landscape," said Lee Jones, CEO of GSI Health.

CCF is known to serve to majority of educational programs, day care and foster care. The stats indicate CCF serves 80 to 85 percent of the youth in foster care and approximately 60percent of families get benefitted from its preventative service. The vast range of services provided by CCF include schools, educational programs, day care, Head start and early childhood services, clinics, case management and many more. Working on a broader spectrum, both the firms are tipped to enhance the quality of health and care facilities across the globe. "We connect critical systems across the care continuum so CCF can effectively collaborate with its diverse network of providers to impact the lives of tens of thousands of children in New York," added Jones. 

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