Guardtime Touts its New Blockchain Technology as the New Standard for Digital Identity

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Guardtime, a real-time integrity platform for data, systems and networks, announced BLT, the authentication and signature protocol meant to replace RSA as the standard for digital identity. BLT is based on Guardtime’s quantum-secure Keyless Signature Infrastructure (KSI) technology which uses only hash function cryptography.

KSI technology is designed to provide scalable digital signature based authentication for electronic data, machines and humans. A user interacts with the KSI system by submitting a hash-value of the data to be signed into the KSI infrastructure and is then returned a signature which provides cryptographic proof of the time of signature, integrity of the signed data, as well as attribution of origin i.e. which entity generated the signature.

Features of the KSI technology include:

Massive Scalability: The KSI signatures can be generated at exabyte-scale. Data generated can be signed using KSI with negligible computational, storage and network overhead.

Portability: The properties of the signed data can be verified even after that data has crossed geographic or organizational boundaries and service providers.

Quantum Immunity: The cryptography behind the KSI signatures ensures that they never expire and remains secure even after the realization of quantum computation.

Independent Verification: The properties of the signed data can be verified without the need for a trusted authority.

Data Privacy: KSI system is based on one-way cryptographic hash functions that result in hash values uniquely representing the data. One cannot start with the hash value and reconstruct the data, so data privacy is guaranteed.

The KSI blockchain overcomes two major weaknesses of traditional blockchains, making it usable at industrial scale:

Scalability: Unlike traditional blockchains, KSI grows linearly with time and independently from the number of transactions which reduces complexity.

Settlement Time: The number of participants in KSI blockchain distributed consensus protocol is limited, making it possible to achieve consensus synchronously, eliminating the need for Proof of Work and ensuring settlement can occur within one second.

“No practical and scalable alternative for the market exists, until now. BLT provides a scalable, secure alternative to RSA - practical for authenticating not only data in motion, but also for data at rest in the cloud or as part of infrastructure,” said Mike Gault, CEO,Guardtime.