Guavas' Big Data Platform to Provide Better Customer Support Experience

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SAN MATEO, CA- Guavas, a provider of Big Data analytics applications for Operational Intelligence launched a new suite of applications. They have come up with next-generation customer experience analytics to illustrate customer journey across networks and services. Basically, it enables service providers to correlate and blend streaming and operational data with customer data in real-time, transforming Customer Experience Management(CEM) and marketing functions. The software has  been built around the data framework of Guavus’ Service Reflex application and  provides a holistic analytics layer across network, operational and customer data.

Utilizing this, enterprises can monetize and operationalize data for improved contextual care and personalization; to deliver a high quality experience and drive customer advocacy.

The application is built around two principle applications which leverages common framework:

Core Reflex: It aims at providing customer care agents with real-time insights for determining precise, impactful events which might affect the quality of experience at critical points in the customer journey. Providing personalized service to the subscribers results in identifying and resolving the issues much faster.

 Marketing Reflex: This feature enables operators to gain a greater insight over the subscribers’ interests to strengthen their competitive position against other digital providers. This eventually helps to raise the graph of Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU).