Haldor Unveils ORLocate, a Sponge Management Solution

By CIOReview | Monday, September 21, 2015

CHERRY HILL, NJ: Haldor Advanced Technologies, provider of healthcare solutions launches a news surgical sponge management system – ORLocate. The product is capable of identifying missing sponges that are misplaced in the laundry and trash bins or in a patient cavity, replacing the previously used expensive and harmful X-Ray method.

The system is modular in design which includes a low cost RSI (Retained Surgical Items) product and/or a counting & reconciliation product that enhances patient safety and provides the staff with adjunct auto counts technology, based on ARON guidelines. The ORLocate sponge management system comes with user tablet, small reader-box and Haldor’s proprietary RFID readers. This will allow the staff to locate the tablet anywhere in the operating room through an autonomous dedicated wireless network provided by the system. 

“The release of our new sponge management system extends our mobility and modularity strategy in the surgical item track and trace arena. Our RFID enabled sponge system is the market’s only commercially available option providing hospitals with both Retained Surgical Items and counting & reconciliation capabilities,” says Ilan Kadosh-Tamari, CEO of Haldor.

The system can be easily deployed onsite, which can be installed on desk or can be wall mounted. Additionally the system can also be integrated with ORLocate View server for reporting and analytic capabilities tailored to each client needs. The workstation is compact and portable which can configured according the user’s needs and the modularity design supports selection of the RSI product or the counting product.