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HappySignals Announces its New Board Member and Investor

By CIOReview | Friday, April 9, 2021

HappySignalsoffers functional assistance for monitoring IT end-user interactions, including Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) management and reporting, in collaboration with a select group of partners.

FREMONT, CA: HappySignals, an employee experience management platform, announced that Jimmy Fitzgerald, former Senior Vice President of Customer Outcomes at ServiceNow, has joined HappySignals as a board member and investor. He has held a variety of executive roles at ServiceNow over the course of his 9.5-year tenure there and advising hundreds of Enterprise customers on how to turn their IT using the ServiceNow platform.

“We are thrilled to have Jimmy Fitzgerald join the company,” said Sami Kallio, CEO, and co-founder, HappySignals. “We aim to accelerate to a new level of ServiceNow visibility, through aligning product and marketing efforts with the needs of the hundreds of enterprise executives that Jimmy worked with during his tenure at ServiceNow.”

“ServiceNow is a strategic platform for its customers, who according to Jimmy’s wealth of experience have similar needs for the ServiceNow platform they have invested in: As little customization as possible, creating great experiences for end-users, and delivering real ROI through business outcomes. HappySignals fits the bill in all three areas - easy to adopt, pure focus on end-user experience, and clear methods to prove productivity gains,” Kallio said.

Fitzgerald said, “At the end of my ServiceNow career, I started to look at how I could continue to be a part of the ServiceNow family. I was really drawn to HappySignals as its value proposition really resonates with what I believe all ServiceNow customers are looking for.  My decision to join the leading Experience Management Platform company came from my passion and desire to continue to enhance the NOW Platform and Ecosystem, aligning with HappySignals ambition to pave the way for Experience Led IT Services.”

“Global enterprises are looking for help with how they can continue to listen and sense end-user experiences, and how to take that feedback to make IT services better, on a continuous basis. It is no longer good enough just to focus on technology and process. IT services need to make the everyday life of an end-user more efficient, and more engaging. The only way to do this is to measure the end-user experiences and act based on that feedback”, Fitzgerald continued.

Designed and Built for ServiceNow

HappySignals was created in 2014 after realizing, through over 500 user interviews, that enterprise IT services were being operated by metrics that didn’t take into account actual user experience.

“In simple terms, IT was doing a great job with technology and process, but had forgotten about the people,” said Kallio. “While the underlying understanding sounds mainstream now, it was not always the case. From the start, our focus has been on people rather than technology and processes. Our Experience Management Platform for IT enables companies to understand how happy people are with enterprise services, and proving that happiness leads to increased productivity. It used to be difficult to convince people that it made sense, but in the last couple of years, employee experience has become a top priority at almost every level of the organization.”

Increasingly, business leaders around the world are paying attention to their workers’ work experiences. The widespread adoption of remote work has made the job more complex, necessitating the creation of approaches to measure the human experience in addition to the more technical metrics that IT has historically concentrated on.

HappySignals also offers functional assistance for monitoring IT end-user interactions, including Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) management and reporting, in collaboration with a select group of partners.