Harmonic Announces Virtual Media API for Broadcast Automation Control

By CIOReview | Monday, April 13, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Video delivery infrastructure provider Harmonic announces open application control interface for broadcast automation control of its VOS virtualized media processing platform called the Harmonic Virtual Media API (VMA).

This VOS platform ecosystem creates a fully integrated, cloud-based playout, graphics and encoding solution that can be used by video content and service providers to create and deliver live linear channels to any device faster, with a lower TCO and amazing video quality. The solution is being supported by the Electra XVM virtualized media processor and the Electra X family of advanced media processors.

On the release on the solution Bart Spriester, Senior Vice President, Video Products, Harmonic notes, “With the announcement of our open VMA for intelligent control, Harmonic increases operational efficiencies and cost savings for video content and service providers, while enabling them to realize the full capabilities of virtualization, unlocking new workflows such as OTT delivery and IP-based playout solutions for linear integrated channel/channel-in-a-box, cloud and edge applications."

With the open VMA, video content and service providers can now choose between deploying a fully integrated and virtualizable solution for playout, graphics and encoding from Harmonic with Polaris Advance software or can select third-party automation solutions to control those capabilities. Harmonic's VMA enables cloud-executed creation and delivery of variable format, variable encoding rate channels, where the type of content determines the type of delivery.

It already found buyers from the likes of service providers and broadcast automation vendors like Pebble Beach Systems, Dayang Technology Development and VJU.