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Harnessing Analytics for Network Monitoring

By CIOReview | Monday, April 2, 2018

Data analytics includes examining large data sets to uncover hidden patterns that help to discover useful business insights such as trends and preferences of the market which could lead to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, and better customer service. The same way, big data analytics plays a vital role in network technology as well. It enables real-time decision making for improving network performance and seamless monitoring.

Network monitoring products deliver value to network operations by collecting data from the network, analyzing it, and presenting actionable information to the network manager. Data monitoring processes varies from vendor to vendor with some processing packets while other vendors analyze network flows. However, the end result is usually a dashboard with widgets, reports, and alarm management systems that enables keeping networks up and running smoothly.

While network data is collected and analyzed, most of the network monitoring solutions create metadata that is usually proprietary. With the proprietary information, vendors make money by producing metadata quickly and at scale, with maximum insight into network activity.

For quite long, the network management process usually used to swivel from a packet-monitoring tool to a network flow collector to a device-metric monitoring tool and back again in a single workflow. This process worked fine with most of the organizations. However, in this big-data era, some enterprise network managers are starting to have higher aspirations for the data they collect from their networks.

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