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Have Organizations Completely Accepted Digital Transformation?

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 23, 2020

Experiencing a technological disruption in an industry is a blessing in disguise if the companies are prepared for it.  

FREMONT, CA: Change is a never-ending process in business, and companies that have performed better than their entrants in the past have steadily kept pace with every development in the field of economy and technology innovation. With these changes, companies are also on the verge of gaining extraordinary benefits from the digital transformation outburst. When it comes to digital transformation, it is beyond creating unprecedented efficiencies only for some departments. It includes disturbing the complete business operation that covers the front-office, back-office, and customer-facing methods. 

There are a few guiding factors of digital transformation, which are:

Tech Innovation:

The advent of smart technologies has put tremendous influence on the way companies embrace digital transformation, and are prepping them for advanced implementation on a financial level. Everything around is connected with IoT, starting from consumer devices to data networks that calculate the data from the consumer end to offer precise analysis and service in real-time. Furthermore, intelligent automation, AI, and smart machines are also expanding their branches rapidly, as the companies are willing to transform more digitally. 

Customers’ Favorite:

In today’s world, where customers grow more and more demanding, digital transformation influences the customer experience broadly. It allows the companies to access product and services information online to figure out how the customers are responding to them on social media. It also helps in identifying solutions personalized for their business needs, along with purchase and service products without any difficulty in an affordable way. Besides, there are technologies such as big data and analytics that make it easier for companies to understand consumer behavior, as well as the target solutions accordingly.

Creation of Value:

For companies to embrace digital transformation, they adopt different digital tools and techniques and make use of the new foundation created for them to operate. The developments connect the companies with the customers, internal business departments with each other, and employees with new opportunities to choose their career choices. Besides, digital supply networks are being designed and redesigned to enhance the efficiencies and bring value to business operations. Digital transformation reached to a wide range of business areas that helps the companies to grow increasingly with the snowballing benefits.

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