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Hazelcast Announces Updates to Its Managed Service Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hazelcast‘s multi-cloud in-memory application acceleration is now available on-premises, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

FREMONT, CA: Hazelcast, the pioneering open-source in-memory computing platform, announces the updates to its managed service that allows enterprises to simplify the delivery of multi-cloud abilities to application modernization projects. Previously available only on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise is now available on Microsoft Azure and possesses a new WAN Replication capability to easily integrate multiple clouds, regardless of the provider.

Hazelcast’s managed service solves performance and reliability roadblocks that prevent enterprises from migrating to the cloud, and the addition of Microsoft Azure provides more flexibility in deployment options. Factor in the WAN Replication capability for multi-cloud applications, and customers can act immediately on data anywhere.

According to research, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud are among the top five technologies identified. In addition to avoiding vendor lock-in and enhancing availability, multi-cloud strategies offer the ability to implement resources closer to the end-user to provide a better overall experience. With Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise, Hazelcast maintains the software deployment as a managed service for customers, allowing quick uptime and freeing customers’ time to focus on developing innovative, business-critical applications. Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise runs the Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise edition, delivering customers with advanced facilities that include high-density scale, over-the-wire encryption and replication capabilities that offer extra protection across zones, regions, and cloud vendors.

Facilitating a connection between clusters, WAN Replication is a proven feature of Hazelcast IMDG Enterprise, which enables customers to integrate data across data centers. Now a part of Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise, WAN Replication opens new avenues to support data and applications regardless of location. Most significantly, it allows customers with multi-cloud strategies to harness a consistent in-memory computing platform regardless of the application’s location.

 The addition of WAN Replication opens helps find new opportunities for enterprises related to customer experience, availability, and scalability. While business needs like disaster recovery and load balancing may be among the first that use this feature, the ability to replicate data across the different clouds helps to deploy applications closer to customers and to data sources. With edge computing starting to become mainstream, Hazelcast can be deployed at the edge, cloud, and on-premises, resulting in a reduction of latency and an overall enhancement in application performance, providing a better customer experience.