HazelTree Partners With AcadiaSoft to Automate the Collateral Management Process

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 28, 2016

FREMONT CA: In a major announcement made, HazelTree, an integrated treasury management solution provider has partnered with AcadiaSoft  to improve the Collateral Management capabilities of the HazelTree Integrated Treasury Management Solution. AcadiaSoft MarginSphere service which is a margin confirmation community is being integrated into the HazelTree Collateral Manager. This helps in streamlining communications between two parties engaged in collateral management. “Collateral management is integral to treasury management and it is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage due to a range of regulatory and other factors,” said Stephen Casner, Chief Executive Officer of HazelTree.

The HazelTree Integrated Treasury Management Solution serves hedge funds, fund administrators, managed account providers and family offices with powerful, proactive performance enhancement and risk mitigation capabilities. The HazelTree Collateral Manager enables its customers to identify, analyze and value collateral, interfacing with either an in-house or third party accounting system or administrator to provide access across its range of positions. HazelTree’s Collateral Manager handles any product covered within an ISDA CSA and GMRA.“Our partnership with AcadiaSoft brings best-in-class collateral-management enhancements to our platform and will provide HazelTree customers with additional opportunities to improve business results through reduced risk and more efficient operations,” said Casner

With this collaboration, the expanded functionality will help market participants to communicate vital information on exposures, commitments and adjustments between counterparties in a complete, verifiable and secure manner via electronic messaging. The integration will improve HazelTree’s solution to the complicated issues associated with collateral management workflow, further reducing operational risk, saving time and resources and improving transparency. While saving the time it also provides the MarginSphere community with uninterrupted access to HazelTree’s community of hedge fund and asset manager clients.

 “Our strategic partnership with HazelTree provides AcadiaSoft with seamless access to HazelTree’s impressive roster of hedge funds and asset managers which is important to the continued expansion of our margin confirmation community,” said David Radley, Client Engagement Director of AcadiaSoft. “By working together, HazelTree and AcadiaSoft will further the implementation of industry standards for the margin process – a critical element of Dodd-Frank and Basel III compliance.”