CIOREVIEW >> Healthcare >> Alliances with Interactive Intelligence to Tailor Personalized Healthcare System

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 19, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Every healthcare provider and patient needs a customized system which can perform the required action within a flick of finger. This goal of personalizing the healthcare services to patients and providers have led to the partnership of a Healthcare Relationship Management platform provider— with a customer engagement cloud service provider—Interactive Intelligence. The alliance between the two companies will result in’s ‘Healthcare Relationship Management’ cloud platform to leverage Interactive Intelligence’s ‘PureCloud App’.’s platform is built to provide tailored healthcare Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and engagement to address the unique needs of providers and patients. ‘hc1’ empowers the professionals who are tasked with leading and managing healthcare organizations to examine the quality of their customer relationships and to make the necessary changes to maximize financial performance while efficiently delivering personalized service. 

Under the umbrella of PureCloud, there are many solutions like, Voice, Edge and Support. PureCloud App features “click to dial” and “screen pop” capabilities which alerts and identifies the issue and reacts spontaneously by calling the contact. Additionally, it characterizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and more.

Brad Bostic, Chairman and CEO, describes, "The PureCloud hc1 App provides healthcare leaders with the ability to deliver differentiated service via universal profile tracking and unparalleled contact center automation all within a secure cloud platform." The integrated technology offers healthcare with an automated system which is agile, easy, and flexible. The automation enhances the call center functions to deliver a powerful and strong one-to-one communication across healthcare continuum.

“The PureCloud hc1 App extends this value by providing built-in features that will enable healthcare organizations to deliver faster, more personalized service across all communications channels, while minimizing costs," explains Paul Weber, Chief Business Officer, Interactive Intelligence.