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Heading toward Faster Manufacturing and Smart Supply

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Steen Hansen, CEO

Steen Hansen, CEO

With the advent of advanced technologies, the face of supply chain is evolving. Supply chain relies on digital technologies that are increasing the efficiencies and productivity right from acquiring raw materials to production, shipments, and final destinations. This transforming landscape presents the businesses a chance to capitalize on innovative marketing technologies. “While the factories do have a grasp on their manufacturing processes, they seem to be lacking control down the supply chain,” says Steen Hansen, Bossard America’s CEO.  Bossard has developed a set of Smart Factory Logistics system that mitigates the total cost of ownership (TCO), increased productivity, and gain unparalleled efficiencies. Bossard investigates the entire production proceedings and facilitates designing most efficient assembly line with a key focus on fasteners for a faster time to market. This establishes the parameters for automatic re-order points based on the weight scale system (WSS) which reflect the exact number of pieces left. This enables the customers to operate with linear inventory levels in spite of taking the inventory and placing the order physically.

  While the factories do have a grasp on their manufacturing processes, they seem to be lacking control down the supply chain​  

Bossard has announced that it has gained recognition as a partner-level supplier for 2018 at John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. The Partner-level status is the highest supplier rating Deere and Companies. Bossard North America and Bossard Mexico jointly achieved this recognition. Bossard, USA, and Mexico both were selected for the honor in recognition by Deere and its companies for its dedication in providing outstanding products and services and as well as for its commitment to continual improvement. Bossard is the major supplier of customer logistics to Deere’s 27 plants in North America. It supplies about 8000 different fastener product solutions. This honor was given based on the supplier’s key performances in some categories like product quality, cost management, on-time delivery, technical support, and wavelength which is a measure of response. This program was started in 1991 to provide a supplier evaluation and feedback process for continuous improvement. Bossard is listed in the SIX Swiss Exchange.

As a global company with 2300 employees, Bossard has 80 geographical locations around the world. With its experienced team, the company generated CHF 786.2 million in sales in 2017. Its drive for excellence and innovation has led to its steady growth and market success for more than 185 years.

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