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Healium Marks a First with Advanced EMR Productivity Suite

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SAN JOSE, CA: Healium, a maker of clinical tools for physicians and nurses, comes up with their own version of EMR productivity suite. It uses advanced user interface design running on next generation wearable and mobile technology, augmented reality, voice interaction, speech-to-text, and clinical language understanding.

The Healium suite interfaces with existing electronic medical records to give healthcare professionals highly usable tools that work with Google Glass as well as the full range of Android tablets, creating a virtual medical assistant.

This initial release of Healium consists of three major software components: a Patient Roster, a Patient Dashboard, and a Clinical Decision Support module. All these components focus on accelerating productivity of the healthcare provider, enhancing quality and safety of care.

The Patient Roster facilitates the healthcare worker to see all of the patients that they are caring for at any given time, complete with their name, age, photograph, and room number.

The Patient Dashboard consists of a set of seven personalized views dedicated to each of the following: Chief Complaint, Vital Signs, Medical History, Medications, Allergies, Lab Results, and Radiology Images (e.g. Plain X-Ray, CT and MRI studies).

The third module of Healium allows the healthcare provider to easily view a set of decision support screens that are automatically customized in real-time for each patient, displaying information needed to perform critical procedures. This information is presented to the health care provider in their heads-up display or on their tablet.

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