Health Centers to Benefit from Access' e-forms Through Cloud Deployment

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 3, 2016

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX: Enterprises are increasingly migrating towards e-forms due to the discrepancies involved while using traditional paper forms which can be tampered with or lost. The healthcare sector is one among the host of other big industries to widely deploy electronic forms, both for the patient’s and doctor’s convenience and get over the problems of form management. In this context Access, who specialize in providing electronic patient signatures and e-forms has partnered with CloudWave, previously Park Place International.  

CloudWave is a venture that builds and operates hybrid cloud solutions for healthcare customers by using a mix of on-premise technology with public and private cloud sources. Its standout solution is the OpSus cloud service which is known for its reliability, security and performance.

The partnership will enable healthcare systems to take advantage of Access’s flagship products, including the web-based Access Passport through a convenient and cost-effective SaaS model. Access will use OpSus cloud, which was built solely for healthcare and provides HITECH and HIPAA compliant managed services to healthcare centers, for wider distribution of its services.

“Hospitals need instant access to secure, reliable patient data, and that’s what CloudWave’s solutions provide,” said Chuck Demaree, CTO, Access. “In addition to easily capturing patient forms and e-signatures and retrieving them from the cloud, our customers will also benefit from the flexibility of a SaaS option.”

The OpSus Cloud has been designed to provide the security and compliance required by healthcare. It has the ability to assess and reduce risk, assure business continuity and provide controlled security measures to ensure privacy and confidentiality of data.

“Our new partnership with Access is both indicative of our commitment to diversifying our Healthcare Cloud to meet our customers’ range of IT requirements as well as of our commitment to providing an open, robust, extensible platform to sustainably enable our partners’ cloud operations. We are excited to work with Access and their customers,” says Jim Fitzgerald, Executive VP, CloudWave.