Health Gorilla Introduces Nationwide CLINICAL NETWORK to Solve Key Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA:  Health Gorilla, an IT and communication solutions provider for the healthcare industry, announces the launch of its latest secure platform, Health Gorilla Clinical Network, for clinical data and communications poised to change the way doctors, vendors, and patients interact about and manage healthcare in the US.

Health Gorilla’s Clinical Network connects doctors, vendor partners (such as lab facilities, clinics, and hospitals), and consumers in a closed, HIPAA-compliant loop of information and communications thus creating better interactions and empowering consumers to truly take control of their own health.

Health Gorilla’s Clinical Network solves three major problems for the healthcare industry:

  • Electronic ordering: Health Gorilla successfully closed the communications gap between doctors and vendors in 2014 with its secure platform to automate the 10B+ diagnostic tests ordered each year, which account for more than 70 percent of medical decisions. Thousands of doctors now interact online with over 9,000 diagnostic labs and 35,000 radiology centers, as well as sleep clinics, physical therapy centers, nursing homes, and more. The Clinical Network extends this automation to referrals and test results to further streamline workflow, reduce waste, and improve communications – not only between medical professionals but consumers as well.
  • Shared communications: Health Gorilla allows seamless and secure sharing of records, test results, and other information across the “care circle” – that is, approved individuals involved in a person’s health, whether it be medical professionals, labs, or family members. This unified view leads to better care and communications across the board. A secure messaging platform adds the ability for members of the network to instantly chat with one another.
  • Complete health history: For years, consumers have been unable to obtain the medical records accumulated over their lifetime in one place. With Health Gorilla, they will be able to claim their records in 10 minutes or less, creating a comprehensive health history that they can access, as well as securely share with others. This gives physician’s accurate patient data at the point of care to improve quality and outcomes, while giving consumers full control over their health information. Health Gorilla will roll out this feature to the California regional market first, then expand it nationwide.

“The healthcare industry is broken, and many of the pain points can be tracked back to data and communications issues, both simple and complex,” explains Steve Yaskin, CEO of Health Gorilla. “This Clinical Network will be the key driver of a revolution in the healthcare system by finally, effectively connecting the entire continuum of care within a single, secure platform.”

Health Gorilla is fully HIPAA compliant and certified for Meaningful Use 2. Anywhere you see a fax machine in a US health practitioners’ office; you should soon see Health Gorilla with seamless APIs to any other technology at that location. The Health Gorilla Clinical Network is also available via any iOS device through the Health Gorilla app, which allows both medical professionals and consumers to securely access its full features while on-the-go.

“Health Gorilla has approached an old problem in a new way – and is successfully solving it,” said James Hardiman, Principal at Data Collective. “With each connection, we move closer to addressing the entire communications problem in health care, and, on a larger scale, redefining the perception of what quality care and good health means to everyone.”

“Health Gorilla has already successfully closed the gaps in communications and data management between physicians and vendors, delivering a proven platform that solves some of the most pressing issues facing the health care industry,” said Jon Callaghan, Partner at True Ventures. “Health Gorilla epitomizes True’s mission of supporting companies that use innovation for global good, in this case better data and communications between patient and doctor.”