Health Integrated and SVDS Announce Strategic Partnership for Cost-Efficient Healthcare

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

FREMONT, CA:  Health Integrated, a provider of health management solutions, announces strategic partnership with Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS) –a provider of data strategy solutions– to offer strategic advisory for vulnerable patients’ population. The combined effort is aimed leveraging Big Data to realize cost efficient healthcare.

Health Integrated along with SVDS has developed cloud-based big-data architecture to extract insights from incoming claims data. This data is sorted and utilized further to deliver value. The new partnership will include a strategic investment from SVDS to enable deeper level of services collaboration.

Health Integrated’s proprietary data architecture is a data driven managed care solutions for health plans serving most vulnerable patients. Precision data is used to focus on small segment of patients who account for a large share of healthcare plan costs.

Data analytics is playing a key role in across industry verticals and healthcare is no different. It enables organizations to combine data with patient profiles and medical guidelines to fill the gap in care and explore cost saving opportunities. Though analytics remains one of the top priorities for healthcare decision-makers, an industry research sheds light on poor adoption of data collection tools with analytics and predictive capabilities by healthcare organizations.

 “Our partnership with SVDS has facilitated the design and execution of a new data architecture that has allowed us to analyze data at scale,” says G. Francisco Perin, SVP, Technology and Information strategy, Health Integrated. “This ability to digest and process data on a finite level enables the health plans we work with to bring a new level of personalization to healthcare. Ultimately, we improve outcomes and reduce costs, especially for high-risk Medicaid and Medicare members with multiple chronic conditions combined with diagnosed, undiagnosed or untreated psychological and social barriers.”