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Healthcare Data Analytics: Key to Limit Patient Care Cost

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The main objective of the healthcare industry is to provide best and quality treatment for patients at low costs. It is impossible to maintain the balance between price and quality but the application of data analytics in healthcare can reduce the patient care costs and provide more personalized services in treatment and diagnostics.

Medical systems generate a lot of data that can be analyzed using data analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools.

Here are some effective ways to cut down the treatment costs in the healthcare industry.

Minimizing the administrative costs

One-fourth of healthcare expenses are due to the massive requirement of the workforce. With the deployment of electronic medical records and automated coding, administrative costs can be significantly reduced.

Clinical decision making

Healthcare professionals can improve their decision-making process by putting laboratory reports, medical tests, and prescribed drugs on one electronic dashboard which will simultaneously reduce the costs. Clinicians get a clear vision of what needs to be done for a patient and what has already been done with the help of an electronic dashboard and eventually it will avoid the issuance of dual prescriptions of medicines to the patients.

Improved patient wellness

Healthcare organizations can remind patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping their track with the help of analytics. The information needed to change the patient's lifestyle will be provided with constant reminders via smartphones, and this makes the patients feel their health as a top priority.

Reducing the wastage of small resources is the most efficient and effective way to save money. This may not be individually possible and therefore should be done with the help of data analysis. With these savings, not only healthcare organizations can improve their growth, but also many patients can get benefits such as high-level treatment and care.

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