Heat Software Announces Release of Feature Packed EMSS 8.4

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Heat Software, announced the release of HEAT Endpoint Management and Security Suite (EMSS) 8.4 which is enhanced with additional enterprise anti-virus features and integration with third party systems; apart from features and functionality to ease the process of managing quarantined files, simplify the authorization of new or blocked applications.

“HEAT EMSS 8.4 focuses on the features and usability requirements most requested by our customers,” said David Murray, Product Manager at HEAT Software. “This release will better enable HEAT customers to take a proactive approach to endpoint security. HEAT EMSS delivers critical new features that dramatically improve our customers’ ability to take action on quarantined files, authorize new applications, and more easily identify endpoints.” he added.

With its Centralized Quarantine Feature, the suite improved manageability of quarantined files with Delete and Restore button. Targeted Application Control Scan, another new feature provides administrators with a quick and reliable mechanism to authorize new or blocked applications.

Honoring customer requests, the suit has been incorporated with a feature of Endpoint Display Name which gives users a way to assign a friendly-name to an endpoint so it can be easily identified with up to 50 characters of information. Also, integration to third-party systems via the Group Management API enables users to automatically populate groups and endpoint memberships from third-party systems to maintain synchronization and facilitate workflow automation.

Heat Software claims to be the only company in the world that provides, from a single platform, Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management software on-premise and in the cloud. Earlier this month the company along with the University of Oxford won the IT Service and Support Award for ITSM implementation. It also announced full support for iOS 9.3 with the release of HEAT LANrev 7.0, which is a landmark in the company’s long standing history of delivering support for Apple’s latest mobile operating systems and devices.