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Help Desk Cavalry's Acquisition of Cavu Networks to Increase the Strength of HDCav's Footprint in Kitsap

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The trusted business technology provider of Kitsap County has announced its collaboration with the acquisition of Cavu Networks (Cavu).

FREMONT, CA: Help Desk Cavalry (HDCav) has announced its collaboration with the acquisition of Cavu Networks (Cavu). It will strengthen the HDCav's mark in Kitsap and even deepen its laser-focus on a single goal to make sure Kitsap businesses and families thrive.

According to John Benjamin, Cavu Networks' founder, "I'm well aware of the respect and care that HDCav shows their clients and employees, and it resembles my own. That why this is such a natural next step for Cavu. I'm beyond confident that Cavu's clients will have the same great experiences that HDCav's clients do, especially since the entire Cavu staff will stay on. The unified team will absolutely ensure that the transition will be smooth, careful, and considerate."

However, John will stay on as HDCav's Sr. Technology Account Manager and supervise most of the transition efforts. His employees will augment the staff at HDCav and increase it to over 25. It will also increase the depth to their expertise in support, coordination, and technical design.

The Help Desk Cavalry will continue operating, and Steve Treanor, the HDCav's President, and CEO will stay in the position. He will manage the organization's growth plans, improvements, and community involvement.

"My team and I are humbled and grateful that Cavu thinks highly enough of the way we do business to entrust us with their clients and employees. By merging our talents, we're able to provide better service to all clients as we continue our efforts to contribute to our community. We're also extremely excited to partner with even more long-standing Kitsap County businesses. Many of whom we have actually known personally for years," says Steve Treanor. "I've always admired the Cavu staff for their customer service. We know they'll find that their new coworkers fit perfectly with their values, as they do with ours."