Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Announces Technology Alliance with Hendrick Motorsports

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 20, 2016

motorsports arenaFREMONT, CA: Two key professionals of motorsports arena, Hendrick Motorsports and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, have disclosed a two year technological alliance in order to obtain mutual benefits in the field of motorsports.

The partnership will bolster Hendrick Motorsports’ in-house potential with new measurement systems, expert technical support and training. The team is a longstanding user of GridLOK volume-expansion systems and ROMER Absolute Arms, and Hexagon coordinate measuring machines as well. These solutions are deployed to assemble and scrutinize auto bodies, engine components and chassis for post-race evaluation and pre-race fine tuning.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence will ally in collaborative technology development with Hendrick Motorsports' engineering squad. With the development of new concepts in metrology by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Hendrick Motorsports will avail the opportunity to examine those innovations before the technology reaches the marketplace. The squad will also have the choice to engage in beta testing and cater user feedback during the deployment of development projects.

Angus Taylor, CEO and President of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence North America claimed, “This landmark agreement aligns Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence with a like-minded, highly successful partner, both of us committed to breaking new ground in our respective markets."

This new relationship is expected deliver Hendrick Motorsports an access to emerging technologies and additional offerings to drive performance over the entire system they work with. “Working with Hexagon’s technical personnel will provide a higher level of training and allow us to see the full potential of each product we use,” asserted Doug Duchardt, general manager of Hendrick Motorsports.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence dictates authority in the Charlotte, NC area having worked with NASCAR Research and Development Center to innovate the technology used to verify and enforce race car design rules and exacting standards for chassis design. Being an early adopter of the ROMER arm systems which is used to verify the adherence of each car to the new standards, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence serves the metrology needs of motor sports teams and industries worldwide.