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Hexis Cyber Solutions Enhances HawkEye G Integrated Detection and Automated Response Capabilities

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 3, 2016

HANOVER. MD: KEYW Holding subsidiary and cybersecurity firm - Hexis has recently come up with the service enhancement to its flagship HawkEye G solution. It is an endpoint security solution that enables customers to leverage multiple detection methods to improve visibility, correlate and analyze threat severity with Hexis’s proprietary ThreatSync technology and respond quickly through automated or machine-guide remediation.

HawkEye G Release 4 is powered by Full System Emulation (FUSE) malware analysis platform - Lastline, which supports network sandboxing capabilities. The new integration includes multi-protocol content extraction and network sandbox malware analysis on the HawkEye G product line without requiring additional appliances.  Clients will have an option to leverage Lastline’s cloud-based or on-premise offering for the analysis of Windows PE files, Microsoft Office documents, and PDF files extracted from HTTP and SMTP protocols on a single appliance. 

The platform includes support for Windows workstation and server, Red Hat Linux, and Mac OS X. “We continue to expand our platform support offerings to meet our customers’ growing needs. With the addition of Mac OS X support, we’ve set a high bar enabling organizations to improve their endpoint security posture across multiple operating systems,” explains Chris Carlson, VP of Product Management, Hexis.

The release extends support for customer-defined YARA rules via a YARA engine embedded into the HawkEye G Host Sensor to append multiple new capabilities including new endpoint prevention module. YARA helps users to identify and classify malware families and allows them to create descriptions of malware based on textual or binary information contained on samples of the malwares.

The new module performs process pre-execution suspension, inspection, and termination before malware begins to execute, and runs locally on the endpoint in either online or offline modes without requiring connection to the HawkEye G Manager. “The team has worked tirelessly to develop these product enhancements for the HawkEye G Release 4. We are confident that these additions to the product will empower customers to better prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing malicious attacks,” says Chris Fedde, President, Hexis Cyber Solutions.