Higginbotham Collaborates with Grace Hill
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Higginbotham Collaborates with Grace Hill

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Grace Hill partners with Higginbotham, the nation's 20th most significant independent insurance, financial, and HR services firm.

FREMONT, CA: Grace Hill, the creator of talent and customer management solutions for real estate, covering policies, training, performance assessment, and surveys, has entered into a partnership with Higginbotham, the nation's 20th most extensive independent insurance, financial, and HR services firm. Higginbotham's single source mission to become the technology platform that empowers multifamily clients to manage and develop talent and enhance property performance has progressed with the cooperation with Grace Hill.

Higginbotham is a personal and business insurance and employee benefits broker, including an HR Services Division that offers a wide range of outsourced and insourced human resources assistance and consulting services. A specialized practice for the multifamily business is part of its HR Services Division.

Grace Hill is a good addition to the team. According to Dennis Weyenberg, COO of Higginbotham HR Services, they are the market leader in modern talent management solutions and technology in multifamily. For more than 20 years, the company has focused on the multifamily business, building HR best practices and insurance benchmarks depending on the industry's intricacies. Their clients and their management teams will have access to a superior platform for HR, safety, and compliance training as part of their core training programs due to the agreement. The collective experience will increase their shared clients' relationships and improve their relations with their employees, bringing value to the organization.

Grace Hill's property performance loop established the rules, training, evaluation, and survey components of the talent and customer experience management process. Customers can tailor the process of developing, maintain, and improving their people and property performance using the comprehensive, scalable, and seamless platform, which comprises Vision Learning Management System, PolicyPartner, Validate, and KingsleySurveys.

Multifamily is always looking for new methods to streamline and improve its HR initiatives. According to Kendall Pretzer, Grace Hill CEO, the Grace Hill team is pleased to be identified as Higginbotham's leading platform of policies, training, and assessments as they increase market share in multifamily. For their collaborative clients, the technology-forward solutions can offer a complete human capital management system. Clients can have the assurance and peace of mind that their employees can enhance property performance by partnering with industry professionals who have decades of expertise in designing and managing software.