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Hightail Releases Untangle for Seamless File Transfer

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Mike Trigg ,COO, Hightail

Mike Trigg ,COO, Hightail

CAMPBELL, CA: Hightail, a company dedicated to solve the problems of creative collaboration, has announced the release of a new feature named Untangle to its file sharing platform enabling seamless sharing of large size video contents and media files. Untangle provides a shared digital workspace empowering teammates and clients  to provide feedback directly on pictures, graphical assets, videos and other large sized media files. It allows live discussion irrespective of where the project team is based. The shared files can be instantly accessed and downloaded. Hightail, an innovator in cloud, has been around in the business for more than a decade mainly focusing on improving the transfer of files and collaboration process of creative professionals across industries including Media and Entertainment.

Hightail developed untangle as a response to overcome the inefficiencies of email, based on a survey of more than 400 creative professionals, as a project management tool for creative projects. 66 percent of respondents informed that their creative projects are managed primarily within email, despite the fact that 70 percent of them admitted email as an ineffective tool for managing creative projects. Additionally, 75 percent of professionals report that their team has no effective creative process with an 86 percent responding to have difficulty in getting final approval on their projects.

The new solution, Untangle, enables enterprises to tackle these issues allowing creative professionals to send, share, receive and synchronize files. To bring in projects to Hightail, users can forward an email thread to The software then pulls attachments from the email thread and automatically adds them into a shared online workplace, called a Hightail Space, offering easier feedback, review and approval.

Ranjith Kumaran, CEO and Co-founder of Hightail, said that the company is focused on the challenge of taking creative conversations out of email as it is a fundamentally broken tool for gathering comments, reviews, approvals and other steps of the creative process. Adding to this, Kumaran said, “The experience that we offer is not just about sharing files, but providing a collaborative space for creative professionals that alleviates the burden from their IT infrastructure.”

Apart from Untangle, the company offers many other ways to take conversations out of email, including real-time commenting threads, notifications on newly added comments, and annotating visual assets automatically when replies are sent via email.