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High-Tech Food Applications Drive Corporate Wellness

By CIOReview | Friday, April 12, 2019

Smart technology hacks are now overtaking the traditional employee wellness programs. Tech-driven food and beverage services add to the list of healthcare benefits such as general health checkups, gym, and meditation programs that are offered by the corporate. Impacting the nutritional aspect of an organization, technology plays a significant role in optimizing corporate wellness and work culture. As employees spend most of the day at their workplace, researchers are continuously discovering effective employee nutrition strategies. With profound insights into innovative analytics, corporate organizations can uncover wide varieties of diet choices and eating habits. Here are a few high-tech food and beverage services ideas to enhance employee wellness.

• Personalizing food menu with AI-based dieticians

Artificial Intelligence (AI) employs predictive analysis, consumption trends, and health ratings to finalize food and beverage, which caters to the employee and employer needs. This advanced nutrition technology also helps in memorizing the employees’ interests and choices and automating processes such as reordering, order tracking, and more.   

• Employee-centered feedback platform

Supporting a collaborated move towards founding wellness, responsive feedback platforms help in understanding the employee’s opinions and interests. Smart employers organize recreational events to introduce their staff to various diet plans, health and nutrition insights and more. Also, through high-tech product rating systems, it is easy for the employees to review health-integrated food and beverage services.    

• Smart alarming systems to maintain timeliness  

Right food at the right time stands predominant when it comes to maintaining good health. Making eating pleasurable, technology aids in serving food on time. Systematic food habits including standardized duration of breaks help employees follow fixed eating time, which is an essential element of nutrition.

Understanding the fact that healthy food habits make way for higher productivity, organizations are transforming their corporate cultures by promoting employee wellness. Boosting health and creating an impact on the world’s nutrition standards, technology has been vital and continues to.     

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