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High-Tech Ways to Innovate Enterprise Working Methodologies

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Tech-savvy businesses and executives are working together to reimagine how technology can deliver improved business value and competitive advantage to the firms.

FREMONT, CA: The world is on the verge of a movement driven by the fusion of millennial technologies to ultimately create cyber-physical systems that will influence the way businesses operate. As a result, the way people work itself has changed. According to the BLS, the average worker today is almost twice as productive as workers in 1987. Technology is reshaping the nature of work faster than ever before.

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• Data Analytics

Years ago, the biggest challenge with data was working out how to store and access it reliably and economically.  Cloud computing and advanced software make it easy to analyze through the mass volume of data. Analytics tools are acting as a standardizing force. The outcome is a new set of services being built that takes benefit out of standardized access to data, reduced computing and storage costs, and advanced AI techniques such as Natural Language Generation. These services can provide easy to understand narratives about data in a way that is immediately actionable for firms.

• Automation

Access to more relevant data through analytics is crucial but will remain inefficient if it is not accompanied with increased capability to act on it, to which automation can provide support. Robotic Process Automation and can include automating the change of address processes, benefits administration, various compliance activities, manual order processing, or even training. 

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• Conversational Interface

A conversational interface is where the primary means of interaction takes place through a conversation. A chatbot, a software program that people interact with by conversing with it rather than using web pages or windows.  Conversational interfaces offer an organic way of introducing changes without having to go through lengthy and costly processes before anyone perceives benefits. Adding a training bot or a marketing data analytics bot into the daily habits of people shows the benefits immediately.

Also, the technological revolution is removing location restrictions and promoting a more flexible work environment, and companies are experiencing a positive impact on their ability to recruit, hire, and retain top talents. Also, as these changes continue to facilitate the future of work, it is time for organizations to recognize the future of employee expectations as well.