HiOperator Gets Additional Funding From HeartsLab
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HiOperator Gets Additional Funding From HeartsLab

By CIOReview | Monday, September 13, 2021

HeartsLab's funding will be used to test automated responses to customer tickets and improve procedures, allowing the company to expand.

FREMONT, CA: HiOperator will get additional funding from HearstLab, a firm that invests in women-led companies and is part of Hearst, a leading worldwide media, information, and services firm. HiOperator's involvement in HearstLab's unique, yearlong residency program, designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs at the start of their high-growth path, was fueled by the Lab's first round of funding. During that time, HiOperator demonstrated its ability to effectively use technology to complement agents' customer service messages and increase productivity. The second round of the funding will be used to expand customer service automation through automated responses and raise the number of tickets that auto-triage into workflows, with an industry-leading goal of 70 percent automation.

HiOperator is a tech-enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) firm that combines automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and highly empathetic customer care operators based in the United States. Its success is due to a unique pairing: automation guarantees that little but important details are not overlooked, while the human aspect promotes genuine client engagement.

“We see this additional investment from HearstLab as a testament to their belief in us as a company," said Liz Tsai, founder and CEO of HiOperator. "We aim to revolutionize the customer service space, an industry that has long been thought of as highly unleveraged. By implementing AI to handle processes, we can hire more qualified individuals who are tech-savvy and compassionate. Our goal is to shift the customer service role into a more highly skilled position."

“We are extremely impressed with what HiOperator has been able to accomplish so quickly by taking a good idea and making it into a fast-growing company,” said Eve Burton, EVP, Hearst, and Chairperson, HearstLab. “Liz has a great track record of leading highly capital-efficient growth, driven by product-market fit. We believe HiOperator under Liz’s leadership is innovative and has strong technology, and that she and the team have executed flawlessly. We are delighted to continue contributing capital and services to this company that we believe will be a game-changer for the customer care industry. At HearstLab, we take pride in supporting women-led companies that create highly effective and diverse teams and build big companies. Liz and HiOperator fit that profile.”