Hire Quality Non-employee Workforce at the Right Time and Cost through IQNavigator Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: IQNavigator, a non-employee workforce management solutions provider, announces consolidated and multi-sourced talent pool solution that enables companies to acquire and manage proven talent in an efficient and cost effective manner. This tool will be a part of the company’s Vendor Management System (VMS) software. The tool is designed to enable organizations hire right talent for right cost at the right time.

Acquiring and managing a non-employee workforce is a daunting task. To generate value out of them is even bigger a challenge. HRs and procurement professionals can leverage this new tool to address the challenges in managing non-employee talent pools. Using a single platform, they can create, engage, and manage talent pools sourced through various channels.

There are three prominent source of talent pooling that include: private-, public-, and supplier-submitted talent pools.

Through private talent pooling, sources such as alumni, former interns, ad previous workers can be invited for enrollment. Public talent pools enable HRs and the hiring managers to tap the human resource via strategic alliances with Work Market and Elevate. Talent from traditional staffing suppliers can be accessed through Supplier-Submitted talent pools.