Hitachi and Redlen to Jointly Develop a Semiconductor X-Ray Detector Module

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Hitachi Medical Corporation has partnered with Canadian technology company, Redlen Technologies to engineer a direct conversion semiconductor x-ray detector module required for the latest Photon Counting Computed Tomography systems (PCCT). The module will herald capabilities in new CT diagnostic imaging such as material discrimination, higher image resolution, the addition of functional imaging and further radiation dose reduction.

The partnership will benefit from Hitachi’s expertise in medical diagnostics and clinical devices like CT, MRI, and particle beam therapy systems while Redlen’s Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) semiconductor offers superior detection efficiency, imaging speed, and resolution. “We are excited to partner with Hitachi, one of the original pioneers of medical CT technology, to pursue the enormous potential for advancement in medical CT that photon counting semiconductor sensors offer,” said Glenn Bindley, President and CEO, Redlen.

Redlen’s semiconductor radiation detectors provide superior image resolution to scintillator-based radiation detection and compute the energy output generated by individual photons at very high count rates and stability levels necessary for x-ray computed tomography. Both companies will also be involved in developing the data acquisition technology required for calculating the generated data as well as the packaging technology for sensor assembly. Furthermore, Hitachi intends to leverage the modules for manufacturing an advanced PCCT based sensor technology.

“PCCT is a promising next generation device which achieves radiation exposure reduction, high functionality and high degree of precision. It is expected to broaden the field of application. I hope this agreement will provide opportunities for us to further contribute to healthcare innovation.” commented Masaya Watanabe, President and CEO, Healthcare Group and Healthcare Company, Hitachi.