Hitachi Data Systems Incorporates New Updates in its Virtual Storage Platform G Series

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2016
Michael Hay, Vice President, Chief Engineer, Hitachi Data Systems

Michael Hay, Vice President, Chief Engineer, Hitachi Data Systems

FREMONT, CA: Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a firm offering information management and Social Innovation solutions for business and social prosperities introduced new upgrades and further enhancements to its Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G series portfolio. These upgrades and enhancements are specifically developed for the VSP G400, G600 and G800 storage platforms. It will also include cloud-optimization, embedded NAS functionality and enhanced VMware integration technologies.

With a combination of new analytics software and Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) management, the upgrades will help customers to optimize their disparate cloud and virtualized platform. Hurdles associated with factors such as risk, cost and management are also reduced effectively using a single storage platform.

Using the company’s Data Migrator to the Cloud (DM2C) software, customers can effectively benefit from their existing investments by generating intelligent, automated and content-based data management policies. Customers can focus on ensuring that the data is automatically integrated with private, hybrid or public cloud platforms, hence eliminating critical Hitachi Accelerated Flash for the tier 1 applications.

Aiming to help customers reduce the capital expenditures, HDS is incorporating two high-performance NAS modules to its VSP G series. The modules offer a compact, single form factor, SAN/NAS storage platform for all workloads. The process not only facilitates the user with a single platform for workloads, but also results in consuming less cooling, space and power in the data center.

HDS has also released its new Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) which will be available in its VSP G series group. HIAA has the ability to utilize intelligent analytics to reduce costs and risks, and increase performance. Even in the third party storage, apart from managing issues related to performance, HIAA also identifies and overcomes capacity issues.