Hitachi ID Launches Version 9.0 of Privileged Access Management
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Hitachi ID Launches Version 9.0 of Privileged Access Management

By CIOReview | Monday, September 26, 2016

CALGARY, AL: Hitachi ID Systems releases the latest version of Privileged Access Management (HiPAM 9.0) that introduces the ability to verify multiple accounts at once and run commands across multiple systems.  It comes with the Hitachi ID Mobile Access for Android and iOS, to advances support for one-time access and to disclose passwords when necessary.

The tool secures access to restricted and high profile accounts by frequently randomizing privileged passwords across channels, devices and applications. The encrypted passwords are then stored on two replicated credential vaults for additional safety.

“HiPAM 9.0 offers two powerful new tools: First, a user can check out many accounts on many systems at once and run commands across these systems.  Second, Hitachi ID Mobile Access supports rapid approval of one-time access from anywhere, any time," says Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID CTO.

Hitachi ID Mobile Access allows users to interact with HiPAM from their devices, even when not attached to the corporate network.  Communication between the user's device and on-premise HiPAM system is facilitated by a cloud-hosted proxy service.  To ensure security, devices must be activated via a scanned QR code.  Users can request, approve and disclose access using the app on iOS or Android.