Hitachi to Deliver Cloud-based Industrial Machinery & Components Solutions for SAP

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fremont, CA: In a major announcement made today, Hitachi Consulting publicized an agreement with SAP to deliver a fully integrated Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud and provide them with Industrial Machinery & Components (IM&C) solutions. Hitachi Consulting is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd and is a leading provider of IT consulting and management consulting solutions and services. A private hosted cloud will be provided by Hitachi Consulting that offers a subscription-based, ready-to-use and affordable offering of SAP® solutions. This will reduce the up-front infrastructure costs incurred due to on-premise software deployments. The total cost of ownership can be reduced by as much as 25 percent for any associated IM&C organizations as the traditional IT overhead and up-front perpetual licensing costs are eliminated by this subscription-based Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud.

The entire IT environment of an organization irrespective of whether it is on-premises or Software-as-a-Service is bundled and managed as a single package for a solitary monthly price. This makes the Hitachi delivery model cost-effective and on-demand. “We plan to deliver standardized modular offerings – think of them as building blocks – with fixed pricing. Think 'small, medium and large offerings' with the ability to tailor to each company's unique needs," explained Jim Cole, Senior Vice President, Cloud Solutions, Hitachi Consulting. With more than 100 industry-specific scenarios spanning finance, accounting, manufacturing, sales, distribution and more, the solution has been tailored to address the predicaments and challenges faced by various industries.

Luis Verdi, Senior Vice President, Global Head of OEM & Partner Managed Cloud, SAP was all praises for the Industrial Machinery & Components (IM&C) solutions provided by Hitachi Consulting and mentioned, “The Hitachi Enterprise Cloud Framework delivers an integration solution across hardware, software, IT and business services. What's exciting is that an SAP product can become the pillar of a company's on-demand success in their market."

Hitachi Consulting has made a name for itself in delivering mission-critical SAP cloud applications by making organizations “clickable”. The IT environment of fast-moving organizations can now be hosted and managed through the cloud which makes Hitachi Consulting an easy, 'one-stop' cloud opportunity for any organization.