Honeywell's New Tool Assists in Airline Maintenance and Service Based on Fleet Needs
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Honeywell's New Tool Assists in Airline Maintenance and Service Based on Fleet Needs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 22, 2015

PHOENIX, AZ: Honeywell Aerospace rolls out a new online tool called Performance Accelerator to assist airlines for better maintenance management and bring down the aircraft downtime while increasing operational efficiency.

It is an interactive and customizable catalogue of Honeywell service bulletins and upgrades options and also is a one-stop resource for airline fleet management and includes full 3-D renderings of the 20 most widely used commercial aircraft platforms, with up-to-date information specific to each aircraft.

The new tool allows airlines calculate potential fuel, maintenance, operational and safety cost savings from service bulletin incorporation, new modifications and upgrades. Designed as an intuitive and user friendly tool, it includes a simplified search function and a sensitive interface enabling employees to access across a variety of departments, including engineering, maintenance, supply chain and flight operations.

Replacing the previous "index-based" system that required scrolling through long lists of service bulletins, the new tool lets users see every bulletin associated with a particular aircraft type or search by maintenance check, Air Transport Association chapter, mandates, benefit category such as fuel efficiency, and downtime.

Kristin Guthrie, Vice President, Customer Experience, Honeywell Aerospace says on the introduction of the tool, "It's the first of its kind in the industry, and initial feedback during the pilot program has been positive. The Performance Accelerator is going to be a great benefit for customers looking for ways to enhance their fleet."