Hook App Offers Varied Notifications on Wide Range of Topics

By CIOReview | Friday, July 10, 2015

FREMONT, CA: From movies to news, and weather changes to stock market updates, the new app-Hook has it all fixed. Hook sends push notifications and receive alerts on wide range of topics, which is now available on Android and Apple Watch App , reports Steve O’Hear for TechCrunch.

The app is new best friend for social media addicts, where the app never misses out on any alerts within an integrated platform. Hook supports a clean, simple interface for user-friendly and quick alerts generation. The app provides alerts on  varied templates such as TV shows, game score, tweets or something more specific including track incoming packages or latest news and stock market updates.

“We think notifications will become faster way to send information, with growing popularity of wearable technology people need killer apps to help them,” says Hooks co-founder and CEO Oleg Kozynenko. The app also provides alerts, which helps customers to stay on updated on current issues. After creating an account for push alerts, it allows to allows send news through mail, facebook or twitter. The product promotes at-a-glance notifications, which keeps a tab on all current events based on the users interests.