hopTo Integrates Citrix XenApp and HDX Technologies into Project Mobilis to Provide Better User Experience

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2016

FREMONT, CA: hopTo, a developer and provider of mobile productivity platform, announces Project Mobilis, a new software platform, to enable Citrix customers transport and transform their existing Windows and Internet Explorer-based applications to mobile devices. Built in conjunction with Citrix XenApp, desktop virtualization, and mobile client technologies, the platform will let Citrix customers access their mission critical applications on Citrix XenApp using mobile devices.

Project Mobilis offers a bunch of features including: touch-enabled menu creation and text editing, leveraging local device camera to scan bar codes, QR codes, and photos; touch-enable Internet Explorer based web applications and office document editing on the internal network; and easy multitasking and switching between apps without closing or minimizing. With the inclusion of Citrix mobile technologies into the project, hopTo will provide improved mobile user experience for existing applications.

Businesses today must respond to the growing demand for a secure, multi-device workplace while still keeping control of the budget. Meeting the requirement is the Citrix XenApp, the solution for virtual application delivery. The solution provides remote access to Windows apps and data over any network, on any device. It enables employees to access Linux virtual desktops side-by-side with Windows resources for a complete workspace experience.

Citrix HDX technology is a set of capabilities that work together to deliver a high-definition user experience of virtual desktops and applications to any device over any network from the data center. It ensures that XenDesktop and XenApp users receive a high definition desktop virtualization user experience similar to that achieved with traditional desktop computers.

"The hopTo team is excited about Citrix's recent announcements regarding the next release of Citrix XenApp. As a Citrix Ready Premier partner, we view the Citrix ecosystem as a strategic platform, and are focusing our development efforts on building the deepest possible integration with Citrix technologies, including HDX and Receiver. Project Mobilis will support the delivery of the best possible user experience to new and current Citrix customers that are accessing their mission critical applications on Citrix XenApp using mobile devices. hopTo is leveraging tools and resources provided by Citrix in combination with our own extensive experience in delivering a mobile user experience for existing applications," says Eldad Eilam, President and CEO, hopTo.