Horizon 6.2.1- The New Avatar Of Horizon from VMware

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 5, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  VMware is an American company that provides cloud virtualization and software services. It has recently unveiled Horizon 6.2.1 an upgraded version of its commercial desktop-virtualization product Horizon 6.2. The new Horizon 6.2.1 comes with several new features as opposed to that in Horizon 6.2. With the Clipboard Redirection, it is now possible to copy and paste plain text, rich text, or images in Rich Text Format (RTF) between a local client and a remote Linux virtual desktop. Linux desktops in Horizon 6.2.1 enable administrators to control clipboard redirection. Some improvements to the 3D graphics capabilities have also been made available in Linux desktops post upgradation.

With Single Sign On, it is currently possible to enter the account and password twice to log in to a Linux virtual desktop. Linux desktops for Horizon 6.2.1 have a secure design for single sign-on, so the user’s credential information is not saved locally or transported across the network explicitly. For federal agencies and other organizations that have strict requirements pertaining to security measures, the smart card authentication is a mandate. The smart card can be connected to a Horizon Client and log in to a remote Linux desktop with the credential information encrypted in the card.

Further, in Horizon 6.2.1, the View Connection server deploys Kerberos authentication to authenticate Linux virtual desktops against Microsoft Active Directory post installation of View Agent. This ensures flexibility to select the previously supported MD5 digest authentication or Kerberos authentication, according to business needs.

Prior to the launch of Horizon 6.2.1, Horizon 6 forayed into client environment information functioning towards including the client host name, IP address, into the standard log file which includes several debugging information. Large complex files often pose as a hassle for administrators to utilize the environment information to control client access to a remote Linux desktop. In Horizon 6.2.1, the client environment information is saved in a single small and dedicated file. It thus makes it possible for administrators to easily parse the information to control the deployment of Horizon 6 for Linux.