Horizon Technology Group Strategizes to Prep Organizations against Security Threats
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Horizon Technology Group Strategizes to Prep Organizations against Security Threats

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

PHOENIX, AZ: Business solution and service provider, Horizon Technology Group, is gearing up to help enterprise organizations fight security war. It enables organizations across the world to wrestle against Data Theft, Data Breaches, Exfiltration of Data, Zero Day Attacks, Malware and Ransomware.

“Enterprise organizations come to HTG daily asking us how can we fight a never-ending war against malware, criminal organizations, rogue employees and the list goes on? I simply answer to all of our clients, we will never win fully but we can implement process and real time prevention solutions that will provide the safety necessary to maintain and fight against and attacks,” states Chris Ichelson, Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Technology Group.

Keeping up with this idea, the HTG Security Suite will address the current security issues and concerns while planning to mitigate risk and maintaing the bottom line budget. It provides Next Generation Information Technology (NGIT) services and solution to help solve complex, mission-critical challenges.

The Security Suite evaluates, design and deploy firewall security solutions for clients to secure and control networks. They also provide intrusion prevention and intrusion detection solution to control continuous exposure to threat improving the defense-in-depth capabilities.

The security solution also helps in fulfilling the various compliance requirements and mitigate email security risk. They execute plan against DDoS attacks without disrupting key network services with real time visbility across the enterprise.

The other advantage of the solution allows organizations to detect, prevent and remediate malware attacks and manage IPSec challenges to protect the system from the effects of malware. Wireless networks are also guarded and the systems are up to date with the latest protection technology that enables the organizations to achieve maximum availability, security, flexibility and manageability.