Hortonworks Launches HDP 2.3 to Eliminate Hadoop Complexities, Boost Developer Productivity

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 14, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Hortonworks announces Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) version 2.3, an open source Apache Hadoop platform to eliminate administrative complexities, improve developer’s productivity, enhance security and data governance, and deliver proactive cluster monitoring. HDP 2.3 eliminates much of the complexity in administering Hadoop and improves developer productivity.

HDP 2.3 leverages a wide framework to deliver new user views and a breakthrough user experience for both cluster operators and developers. The key functionalities include:

Dramatic User Experience Improvements

For the Hadoop Administrator: provides guided configurations and installation of YARN, Hive, HDFS and HBase easier and more predictable; allows administrators to focus on the cluster’s key performance indicators; expanded deployment support for all HDP components; automated host discovery for fast and predictable cluster formation; and automating provisioning of HDP clusters in any cloud environment.

For the Hadoop Developers: provides enriched semantics and new Hive user in Ambari to write, run and debug queries; web interface for forms-based creation of Apache Falcon data feeds and pipeline processing; and enhanced Apache Spark on YARN with the new Data Frame API and machine learning algorithms.

Extensive Security and Data Governance Enhancements

Centralized Authorization
Security administrators can now define and manage security policies and capture security audit information for HDFS, Hive, HBase, Knox, Storm and now Solr, Kafka and YARN.

HDFS Transparent Data at Rest Encryption
Provides security administrators the ability to manage keys and authorization policies for key management store (KMS) by introducing transparent data encryption to encrypt data in HDFS files, combined with Apache Ranger embedded open source Hadoop KMS.

Hooks for Dynamic Policy Conditions

Provides a framework for users to control access based on dynamic rules including time or location by introducing hooks to manage dynamic policies.

Introducing Apache Atlas

Apache Atlas has been created by a consortium of enterprises and Hortonworks to provide a common approach to metadata and data governance. It enhances governance capabilities in Hadoop for both prescriptive and forensic models enriched by taxonomical metadata. Atlas enables platform-agnostic governance controls that effectively address enterprise compliance requirements.

Proactive Monitoring Service for All Hortonworks Subscription Customers

The Hortonworks SmartSense provides proactive insights and recommendations to customers about their cluster utilization and its health. By delivering ongoing recommendations, suggestions and analytics to customers, proactively prevents configuration problems.

“The new capabilities in HDP 2.3 will empower more enterprises to leverage Open Enterprise Hadoop to drive transformational outcomes,” said Tim Hall, vice president, product management, Hortonworks.