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Hospitality Sector is to be Transformed

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Technology firms have collaborated on new research that explores changes expected to evolve guest insight and technology optimization. The study has identified three trends that the sector must respond to meet the needs of the consumer of the future. Businesses regarding augmented hospitality are about to get a facelift based upon the advancements of technology by hyper-personalizing customer choices.

The Importance of People:

Researches will prompt industry debate and discussion as they demonstrate the exceptional opportunities that technology offers hospitality providers to enhance the guest experience, as well as the business. At the same time, they will highlight the importance of people and point out that equipping hotel staff with the insight to deliver richer, more informed interactions with guests is what makes for exceptional hotel experiences.

Traditional Room Types to be Altered:

Conventional room types have been in the trade forever―single, double, twin, suite, or family. It has been tried and tested, and loved by hotels and understood by guests throughout the world. Nevertheless, new researches from noteworthy hotel chains, in collaboration with prominent journals in the sector have suggested that the trend of traditionalism will change dramatically. The beginning of the end of the search for different room types has already begun and is a rising trend. Guests will be able to swap desks for yoga mats, stream their favorite content through the in-room TV, or ask for that third-floor room with the view they have always preferred.

Technology-Augmented Hospitality on the Rise:

Hospitality suppliers will need to serve guests in a considerably more associated way, striking the right sense of balance between human interaction and automated solutions. Researches have shown details on how technology will be used to allow staff to deliver unparalleled levels of service at scale. For instance, the employment of real-time translation earphones and smart glasses could guarantee that concierges easily interact with guests in their native tongue.

Achieving Cult Status:

In the contest for guest reliability, hospitality providers need to recognize how to offer value via delivering memorable and shareable experiences. Hotels need to understand individual guest needs on each trip to suggest a host of unique and unexpected surprises.

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