Host Analytics Identified as a Productive Cloud-based Enterprise Performance Management Solution by Blue Hill

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Blue Hill, an enterprise technological research organization reviews Host Analytics as a proficient cloud-based enterprise performance management solution (EPM) according to the latest reports. From Blue Hill’s stand point, with cloud based operations, Host Analytics have successfully managed to simplify the process of planning and reporting.

Analyzing financial statistics and producing detailed reports on a secure cloud platform is the kind of innovative approach adopted by Host Analytics. The company promises to create advanced business models that combine with the financial forecasts and plans. The detailed financial reports offered by Host Analytics enhance the transparency of their client, while their services make the organizations realize the current status and produce better business outcomes efficiently. “We’re very pleased with both Blue Hill Research’s recognition of the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite as a valuable solution for large enterprises and the importance they’ve placed on financial modeling capabilities as a whole,” said John O’Rourke, Vice President of Product Marketing at Host Analytics.

Blue Hill pinpoints the ability of Host Analytics to analyze the performance environment of their clients and help them migrate to the cloud platform. The cloud platform offered by Host Analytics also acts as a resource to host services such as Data Integration offered by the firm. With encrypted passwords, the data on the cloud is protected and adherence to secure data communication standards also proves to be impactful when it comes to securing cloud. An automated data refresh is also included for data processing without the assistance of IT. The company also facilitates mapping of the data from external source to the Host Analytics Cloud Platform.

The customers largely benefited from their services include Parsons Electric, Nextag, Schumacher Group, Zep Inc. and many more. “Demand for Host Analytics Modeling was a significant driver in 2015, and we expect these capabilities to continue to be attractive for leading enterprises in 2016.” said Hyoun Park, report author and Chief Research Officer, Blue Hill.