HostBridge Unveils Redis for z/OS to Deliver High-Value Data for Cloud, Mobile, and Analytics

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 10, 2016

STILLWATER, OK: HostBridge Technology, a provider of high-performance integration and optimization software, announces Redis for z/OS to meet the exploding demand for data via Web, mobile, and cloud.

Redis for z/OS, is an in-memory NoSQL data server to the IBM z systems platform, powering ultra-scalable cloud and mobile apps far more efficiently at the lowest possible cost. The key features of Redis for z/OS include: a built-in replication capabilities so that all authorized users have access to the same data - regardless of platform , 31 and 64 bit Operating system versions, runs under one or more z/OS address spaces, replicated across z/OS and z/Linux systems and responds to MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) operator commands.

HostBridge Redis for z/OS runs on the IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) to deliver high-value data anywhere, at any time which in turn maximizes processing cost reductions. It also helps IBM z-system customers to gain speed and seamlessly share data between any platforms.

 The latest server has an in-memory data caching which provides software developers with fast response processing and more flexible data structures. One of the main features of Redis for z/OS is its data persistence yielding to high scalability, dependability, fault tolerance and availability. Redis Server sentinel option and failover capabilities ensure enhanced uptime and high availability of data, thereby significantly resulting in greater performance, scalability and interoperability.

 “We think an obvious solution is to use common technology both on and off z Systems. So we conceived of HostBridge Redis for z/OS as a standards-based, unifying approach to meeting these critical needs. It is the exact same rationale that led us to invest so heavily in server-side JavaScript for z/OS” says Russ Teubner, HostBridge CEO.