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Hotel Services Now are Just a Text Way

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 11, 2019

In order to have an improved operation system and making things convenient for guests, hotels can utilize messaging, the most comfortable trend to use that can also free up the staff time.

FREMONT, CA: Every minute thing starting from the unique design of the hotel, to the personalized services offered to the guests, together with plays a crucial role in building customer experience. Nevertheless, even after going the extra mile to create a memorable experience for the guests, if the hotel fails to satisfy its visitors, then it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Old-fashioned processes and archaic technology take precious time and resources, bringing down the hotel staff’s ability to be productive and concentrate on delivering an impressive guest experience. To avoid this, hotels have been gradually turning to technology like text messaging for rescue.

It might look like an ordinary outdated technology, but texting is an enormously powerful tool for hotels that can help create its unique ability to perk up a multitude of areas. Text messaging helps to collect guest feedbacks and positive reviews. Besides this, a few key ways that can improve staff efficiency through technology’s use are:

Mechanizing Guest Interaction:

Almost every hotel has a list of frequently asked questions raised by guests and answered by the staff regularly. By utilizing text messaging solution, hotels can easily automate answers to the queries and save time to carry out activities that need more timely attention. It is important to encourage the guests to interact with the staff via text, to ensure that the staff doesn't have to answer repetitive queries.

Reformatting Operations:

Text messaging can be used in the overall service workflow, including the hotel property management and service ticketing systems. By doing so, the hotel staff can streamline guest requests and decrease the amount of work needed from them by categorizing the customer’s demands for completion. This includes sending welcome messages based on check-in dates and alerting guests of their ability to text for any requests, which can save hours of exhausting time, reduce errors and missed demands besides, add to the staff’s ability to execute guest requests in a personalized method.

Prompt Internal Communication:

Internal communications can be made accessible via text messaging, helping team members to stay in contact with each other irrespective of the location. By making prompt interconnectivity, staff can help each other meet the needs of the guests as well as take care of emergencies.

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