How Adobe Experience Platform Can Help Enterprises
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How Adobe Experience Platform Can Help Enterprises

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Adobe Experience Platform is the most powerful, versatile, and open platform for developing and managing comprehensive customer experience solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Adobe Experience Platform, formerly known as Adobe Cloud Platform, is a collection of services and technologies for customer experience management (CEM). The suite integrates services such as Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Creative Cloud to provide a single customer data platform (CDP).

Adobe Experience Platform's objective is to generate unified customer profiles that can be utilized to gain insights and accelerate business transformation. The platform is built on data-driven methodology and industry best practices.

In terms of critical functionality and features, the Adobe Experience Platform includes the following:

  • Utilizes Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform that enables task automation, personalization of consumer experiences, and data prediction.
  • Has an Experience Query Service that enables data analysts to store and query all datasets and data silos in a single storage environment. Customer behavior, point of sale (POS) terminals, and customer relationship management (CRM) software are all possible data sources.
  • Provides a Data Science Workspace for data scientists to collaborate on developing and training data models to reveal insights.
  • Includes services for Unified Profile, Identity, and Edge that work in concert to activate audience segments. The Unified Profile service serves as a repository for client data and interactions, allowing for creating a uniform and comprehensive image of each customer. The Identity service associates consumers' activities and interests to create a buyer persona. Professionals can use the Edge service to perform computations and make judgments based on collected customer data.
  • Includes fundamental API data functions such as cataloging, ingestion, decision-making, governance, and access.

Consolidating client data with the Adobe Experience Platform provides several benefits, including real-time data updates and maintenance. Through APIs, the Adobe Experience Platform enables the integration of various customer experience management systems and capabilities. It allows the creation of mobile applications that deliver a more personalized consumer experience. It ensures that the user experience is consistent across channels and devices. It does this by eradicating data silos and centralizing data storage. It enables clients to select the infrastructure as a service provider they like (IaaS). Customer satisfaction is increased as experiences are continuously improved.